Inspections: Septic Tank Loan Certification

A septic inspection is performed by request from a realtor, current homeowner or prospective buyer.

    1. Complete the application for inspection of Individual Sewage Disposal System and return to the appropriate Environmental Health Section field office.

      2. Complete payment ($133) must be made prior to or at the time of the septic inspection. The Environmental Health Section does not have the ability to be billed for service rendered.

        3. An appointment must be made prior to the septic inspection, with the local Environmental Health Section field office.

          4. A visual inspection will be conducted on the property to look for any signs of past or present sewage surfacing and/ or plumbing drain lines that are not properly connected to the septic system. Surfacing sewage is just ONE factor that might indicate an individual sewage disposal system malfunction.

            5. Upon completion of the septic inspection, a copy of the inspection report will be given to the appropriate party. Any deficiencies detected will be documented on the inspection report.

              This process can be expedited if the following information is submitted with the application for inspection:

              • Occupancy Permit
              • Installation date
              • Installers Name
              • Description of system including the tank size, the number of leach lines and the length of each line
              • Plot plan and location of tank and leach lines.

              It is not possible to determine how long an individual sewage disposal system will operate because of many variables. Those variables include soil loading, soil types and sewage composition. Therefore, the Division of Public and Behavioral Health does not guarantee the operation of individual sewage disposal systems. This inspection report is not a guarantee the system on the property referenced above will operate properly in the future. The conclusions stated in the inspection notice are ONLY valid for the day of the inspection.