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Instructions to search licensed facilities in Nevada

  • Click the button below, then select a Business Unit (e.g. "Health Facilities" "Child Care Program" "Dietitians and Music Therapist" "Medical Laboratories" "MedLab Personnel")
    • For Child Care, select "Agency" for facilities or "Personnel" for staff under the Entity Type drop-down menu
  • Select a Credential Type that applies to your search.
  • If searching for a specific facility by "Credential Number," enter only the numeric digits that appear before any letters (do not enter any letters into this field).
  • Termination list from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) - list of facilities whose Medicare certification has been terminated and why.
    • Montevista Hospital (5900 W. Rochelle Ave., Las Vegas) - CMS termination letter effective 8/14/19 (posted 7/30/19)
Find a Health Facility


Complaint Processing

Each complaint is assessed and prioritized based on a situation that may result in substantial, minimal or no harm to one or more individuals. Based on this assessment, an investigation could begin in as little as 48 hours or when staff resources are available. For more information, view the HCQC Complaint Process Fact Sheet or the HCQC Complaints and Investigations fact sheet.


    HCQC staff use whatever methods will result in the most thorough and efficient investigation. This can include interviews, records reviews, in-person observations, phone calls and/or policy or procedure evaluations.


      Investigators seek to establish whether there are violations of law or regulations. Each allegation is substantiated (resulting in a citation) or unsubstantiated (no citation). If a citation is issued, the facility must respond with a plan of correction, and depending on the severity of the citation there may be fines or other sanctions.