Radiation Producing Machines (RPM)

May I use an alternative method for determining occupational doses while wearing a protective apron during medical X-ray procedures when using an external personal monitoring device?

Pursuant to NAC 459.325 (3) the Division of Public and Behavior Health and the Radiation Control Program permits the use of Effective Dose Equivalent (EDEX) as a more accurate calculation of whole body dosimetry. Approved methods for calculation of EDEX are contained in the U.S. NRC Regulatory Guide 8.40, Section C (3)(a)(b)(c) and only pertains to occupational exposure to workers wearing protective aprons using medical fluoroscopy.
Three alternative methods are currently approved by the Division and are described in the U.S. Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) Regulatory Guide 8.40, Methods for Measuring Effective Dose Equivalent from External Exposure. See Section C of the Regulatory Guide. Number 3, Using Dosimeter(s) While Wearing an Apron during Medical X-Ray Procedures, (a)(b)(c) are all approved methods. Please note that any other method for determining Effective Dose Equivalent, other than the methods approved, will need to be submitted to the Division for approval before the registrant or licensee may use the calculation. Please see the link below to Regulatory Guide 8.40: