State of Nevada Department of Health and Human Services health facilities license renewal icon with November 15 deadline reminder

Nevada Health Facility License Renewal

Countdown to Renewal Deadline!


General renewal information

On November 15 each year, approximately 1,400 health facilities licensed by the Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance (HCQC) will be due for license renewal. Nevada health facility renewals are conducted entirely online using the Online Licensing and Certification system (also known as CLICS). An easy way to remember and access this site is by typing into your web browser.

    Which facilities must renew?

    All of the facility types listed on HCQC’s Health Facilities page (except for outpatient facilities) will need to renew their licenses with the State of Nevada no later than Nov. 15 to avoid a 50% late penalty (licenses expire on Dec. 31). Facilities are recommended to start the process as early as possible to allow time for questions while using this new system. The instructional videos and guiding documents on this page are intended to help facility staff navigate the CLICS system, where information and documents will be input and fees can be paid.

      Checklist and Fees

      Use the links below to view/print the applications document checklist and fee schedule.

      Online Licensing and Certification System video tutorials

      The videos below will walk you through various processes using the CLICS Nevada Health Facility Online Licensing and Certification system.

      Renewing a License in CLICS

      • Renewing a License using the CLICS Nevada Health Facility Online Licensing and Certification system