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Residential facility for groups (adult group care/assisted living)

COVID-19 Infection Control Plan Guidance

Because group homes involve different individuals living together and sharing activities (congregate living), group homes are at high risk of COVID-19 spreading and affecting their residents as well as staff. Having an infection prevention and control plan individualized to your facility is important for the protection of your staff and patients. The generic infection prevention and control plan (linked below) for group homes is meant to assist each facility in developing its own individualized plan to meet the need of the facility, its residents and staff.

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    A dedicated email listserv has been set up to provide interested individuals (staff, patients, families, advocates, the general public) access to information about residential facilities for groups from the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services. This information includes guidance on regulations, medical or epidemiological issues, patient/resident care, infection control, state and federal inspection requirements and more. While information can be technical in nature, every effort is made to make it understandable to anyone. Use the links below to subscribe or unsubscribe.

    State Laws and Regulations

    With specific exemptions in the law cited below, “residential facility for groups” means an establishment that furnishes food, shelter, assistance and limited supervision to a person with an intellectual disability or with a physical disability or a person who is aged or infirm. The term includes, without limitation, an assisted living facility.

    Licensing and Applications

    To apply for a license to operate a residential facility for groups, you must complete the following:

    Other Information

    Technical Bulletins – Important Notices

    Additional Resources