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Bedfast Exemption

Please print and complete the following exemption request forms (4 pages) for approval to admit a resident who is bedfast.

"Bedfast" means a condition in which a person is:

Upon receipt of a complete packet, the information is reviewed by a HCQC staff member. Past survey history is considered when reviewing the request. You will normally receive notice of approval or denial via mail within 10 business days if all information has been provided.

Completed packet may be submitted by mail, e-mail or fax to:

Division of Public and Behavioral Health
Attention: Ashley Riedy

4220 S. Maryland Pkwy., Bldg. A, Suite 100

Las Vegas, NV, 89119

Phone: (702) 486-6515

Fax: (702) 486-6520


  • Bedfast and Medical Exemption Forms