Food Establishment - Catering Operations


The Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) provides the following information as a general guidance for a catering license and does not represent this to be all requirements for obtaining or maintaining a license. For complete information, we recommend you refer to the Nevada Revised Statues and Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 446. For more information on catering specific question see our website Food Establishments Program Page, Frequently Asked Questions section.

    Catering operations must meet all applicable standards of a food service establishment as provided in the NAC 446.  Conduct all food storage and food preparation operations in an approved, licensed food service establishment.

      Important Note

      • You may not conduct food operations in a private residence.

      Plan Review

      Plan review is required if a caterer constructs or uses a space that has never been licensed by the division, has been closed for more than one year, or has been remodeled. When a caterer uses a commercial kitchen already licensed by DPBH, plan review is not required – only a licensing inspection. A plan review is not required if the division can otherwise determine that the intended remodeling will not have an impact on fire safety or any other sanitation and safety requirements.

      Applications for change of ownership may require plan review even when no interruption in operation, construction, remodeling or conversion occurs. Please consult an Environmental Health Specialist in your area.

        Additional Required Documents

        In addition to the plan review document you must submit copies of the following documents if your facility is located in another health jurisdiction:

        • Copy of your current health permit
        • Copy of your last inspection report
        • Menu
        • Vehicle Information (if applicable)
        • Facility Sharing Agreement (if using a currently licensed facility that is not your own)


        • You will need to notify the appropriate EHS field office at least one week in advance of the day you wish to open. You may not open until you have completed an application for your health permit, all fees have been paid in full, and the final construction inspection is completed.
        • Inspections are performed at least once per year. The health authority shall make as many additional inspections and reinspections as are necessary to enforce the provisions of this chapter.