*What browser type works best with the system?

You must use Internet Explorer 9-11, Firefox 26-40 or Safari 5.0

*How do I tell which browser I am using?

Internet Explorer is a light-blue E with a halo. Firefox has a fox. Safari is only available on a MAC computer.

*Can I use my cell phone or tablet with the online system?

Unfortunately, cell phones are not compatible with the new system. A desktop, laptop, or some tablets / iPads are the only devices available at this time.

*What information do I need to register with the on-line system?

Facility Name, Mailing address and you will need to create a user name and log in password for EACH different address.

*If I have multiple firms at different addresses can I register one time?

No. You will need to create a new profile for EACH new address. Therefore, you will create multiple user names and passwords. TIP: Start a spreadsheet or use your favorite APP!

*How do I reset my password?

Please either call your local field office, the main admin office at: 775-687-7533 or you can email us at ehscustomerservice@health.nv.gov . You can also click on the “Forgot Login / Password” button, walk through the steps and provide the information it requires. After three failed attempts, you will be locked out and will not be able to use the "Forgot password" button. Example of password format: Password1! (must have one uppercase letter, one number, one special character and be at least 8 characters long).

*I applied for or renewed my dietitian, medical laboratory or other personnel health facility certification, how can I print my license?

You will need to call the Health Care Quality and Compliance Bureau at: 775-684-1030 or 702-486-6515 and they can further assist you.

*Can I pay my permit fees over the phone?

We do not take payments over the phone. Please go to the Online Licensing system, register for your account, and you will be able to pay online.

*I just finished paying my permit fees and now the system is telling me I will not get my permit until I upload documents. What documents do I need to upload?

For new permits, you will see a check list of required documents to attach; if no items are listed, documents are not required. For questions, please contact your local field office. For renewals, documents are only required for specific programs such as: Bottled Water and Septic Pumpers. Otherwise, please ignore the message and log out. You will need to print your permit online after renewal. EHS no longer sends out permits.

Food Establishments

*Upon payment of my renewal fees, when will I receive my new permit?

You can print your permit online, after renewal, the same day. If you are experiencing difficulties with printing out your permit, please call the main admin office at: 775-687-7533 or you can email us at ehscustomerservice@health.nv.gov.

Temporary Food Establishments at Special Events

*How long in advance should I submit my online application?

We require at least 5 business days in advance of the event to ensure applications get adequate review time.

*Once my application has been approved, how can I print my temporary food permit?

After receiving approval from the State Health Inspector, he or she will email the permit to you. If you don't receive it, please call your local field office or the main admin office at: 775-687-7533.

*If I am a Non-Profit Organization, which Temporary Food Establishment permit application do I apply for?

Under most circumstances, please select: Temporary Food Establishment at a local event. There will be a section during the application that you can click on that states, you are a Non-Profit Organization. You will be able to put in your Non-Profit ID number and be charged $25. If you are hosting a fundraiser, at your head quarters or other private location, you may qualify for a temporary food local event exemption permit. You will be charged $50 for this permit. If you are unsure, please call us at (775) 687-7533 or email us at ehscustomerservice@health.nv.gov, before applying online.

Cottage Foods Registrations

*Where can I sell my cottage foods?

Registration with DPBH allows you to sell within ONLY the following 13 counties in Nevada: Churchill, Mineral, Esmeralda, Nye, Pershing, Humboldt, Elko, Lander, Lyon, Eureka, White Pine, Storey, and Lincoln.