When will these procedures take effect?

The DHHS GIR has been in place since 2018. Staff are trained to process RFRs with this guidance moving forward. Please reach out to your program and fiscal contacts for further guidance. 

What is the least amount of money that is required for budget modification?

A budget modification is required if you are moving dollars from one category to another, no matter the dollar amount. Budget modifications in general cannot exceed 10% of the total award.  If the category you plan to move money to does not already have money in it, this requires a subgrant amendment. 

Can the worksheet be in excel format?

Worksheets must be submitted in PDF format. Subgrantees must submit the PDF for documentation into Smartsheets. 

Can an RFR be submitted exceeding 100% spent?

We will not accept any RFR that exceeds 100% spent in any category. 

What is required to complete a budget modification?

Fill out the Budget Modification Form from the tab in the Section D Workbook. Complete the form, documenting justification for the need to move dollars around. PDF the document and send it to the Health Program Specialist at the Bureau that oversees your award.The indirect category cannot change its amounts due to it is a calculated expenditure at the time of Executed Award. 

How do I know if an amendment is required?

If the scope of work is changing within your subgrant, an amendment is required. Also, if you are moving more than 10% of the total award to other categories, an amendment is required. If you are attempting to move money into a category that initially did not have money in it, an amendment is required. Inquire with your Health Program Specialist if you are unsure of specific circumstances. 

Where do I submit monthly RFRs to?

RFRs for all subgrants are submitted online through a system called Smartsheets via https://app.smartsheet.com/b/form/aca1b20a9d2648fc87613df1f80bd31d 

Can a Budget Modification Request be submitted at the end of the month?

A BMR must be submitted prior to the activity occurring. All entities must forecast their needs and receive approval to move dollars around as needed. It is also not appropriate to submit a BMR at the end of the grant period to spend down all the funds. All entities must work with their Health Program Specialist ahead of the planned expenditures to ensure proper approvals are in place so spend down can occur. 

Why was the transaction list tab created?

The transaction list is used for audit purposes, to clearly itemize each transaction for documentation.It is used as a checklist to line-item the expenditures and match the backup documentation to each line item. This is a standard process when processing RFRs. 

Do you need time tracking for each RFR?

For all personnel that are paid out of the subgrant, proper time tracking documentation is required to be submitted with each RFR. This information reflects how much time each person is applying towards the grant. 

Does a pay stub that is submitted as proof of payment require a supervisor signature?

A pay stub does not show proof of time applied to the grant, unless the person is 100% allocated to that funding source. The time tracking documents are what needs to be signed by a supervisor.