Nevada Breastfeeds - Acronyms

ADA - American Disabilities Act

    ANDA - American Nutrition and Dietetic Association

      BF - Breastfeeding

        BFPC - Breastfeeding Peer Counselor

          BI - Benefit Issuer

            BMI - Body Mass Index

              BP - Breast Pump

                CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

                  CHA - Child Health Assessment

                    CLC - Certified Lactation Consultant

                      CLE - Certified Lactation Educator

                        CPA - Competent Professional Authority

                          CSR - Customer Service Representative

                            DHHS - Department of Health and Human Services

                              DPBH - Division of Public and Behavioral Health

                                DWSS - Department of Welfare and Social Services

                                  EDC - Estimated Date of Conception

                                    e-WIC - Electronical WIC

                                      FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

                                        FNS - Federal Nutrition Service

                                          Hb - Hemoglobin

                                            HIPPA - Health Information Portability and Privacy Act

                                              HR - High Risk

                                                IAPD - Implementation Advance Planning Document

                                                  IBCLC - International Board-Certified Lactation Consultant

                                                    IHA - Infant Health Assessment

                                                      ITCN - Inter-Tribal Council of Nevada

                                                        LA - Local Agency

                                                          LANSP - Local Agency Nutrition Service Plan

                                                            MAR - Maximum Allowable Reimbursement

                                                              MCH - Maternal, Child Health

                                                                MIECN - Maternal, Infant and Early Childhood Nutrition

                                                                  NE - Nutrition Education

                                                                    NEIS - Nevada Early Intervention Services

                                                                      NSA - Nutrition Services Administration

                                                                        OTC - Over the Counter

                                                                          PC - Peer Counselor

                                                                            PCS - Participant Centered Services

                                                                              PIN - Personal Identification Number

                                                                                POC - Point of Contact

                                                                                  R&R - Rights and Responsibilities

                                                                                    RD - Registered Dietitian

                                                                                      RFP - Request for Proposal

                                                                                        SA - State Agency

                                                                                          SBF - Sometimes Breastfeeding

                                                                                            SNAP - Supplemental nutrition Assistance Program

                                                                                              TANF - Temporary Assistance of Needy Families

                                                                                                USDA - United States Department of Agriculture

                                                                                                  VENA - Value Enhanced Nutrition Assessment

                                                                                                    VOC - Verification of Certification

                                                                                                      WHO - World Health Organization

                                                                                                        WIC - Women, Infants, and Children