Specific criteria for an individual to be considered for the NNAMHS AOT program include:
a. The person must reside in Washoe County, Nevada;
b. The person must be 18 years of age or older;
c. The person has a history of noncompliance with treatment for mental illness;
d. The person is capable of surviving safely in the community in which he or she resides with available supervision;
e. The court determines that, based on the person’s history of treatment for mental illness, the person needs to be admitted to a program of community-based or outpatient services to prevent further disability or deterioration of the person which is likely to result in harm to himself or herself or others;
f. The current mental status of the person or nature of the person’s illness limits or negates his or her ability to make an informed decision to seek treatment for mental illness voluntarily or to comply with recommended treatment for mental illness;
g. The program of community-based or outpatient services is the least restrictive treatment which is in the best of interest of the person; and
h. The court has approved a plan of treatment developed for the person.

Please contact NNAMHS AOT at 775-688-2014 for more information.