Data Requests

The Nevada Central Cancer Registry works closely with the Office of Analytics (OoA) within the Division of Health and Human Services (DHHS) to support any external data request made. All data request received are evaluated individually by OoA and are fulfilled contingent on available resources. Before requesting data, please review available information through the Nevada Cancer Dashboard and/or Cancer Statistics publications.

To request data, please download and fill out the Data Request Form, and email your request to


    Nevada Cancer Dashboard

    The Nevada Cancer Dashboard serves as a key resource for the public including community stakeholders, cancer researcher, policy makers and/or partners in health care, providing updated cancer data on regular basis in a manner than can be quickly digested.


    The Nevada Cancer Dashboard is administered and managed by the Division of Health and Human Services (DHHS) Office of Analytics (OoA) with the data collected by the Nevada Central Cancer Registry as well as the Office of Vital Records, both within the Division of Public and behavioral Health (DPBH).


    To visit the Nevada Cancer Dashboard, click here. For more specific questions about the Cancer Dashboard, please contact the Office of Analytics (775) 684 - 4000 or through their website, DHHS Office of Analytics (