Health Equity Program

The State of Nevada’s Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion (CDPHP) section, housed within the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH), has recently been awarded $32 million through the OT21-2103: National Initiative to Address COVID-19 Health Disparities Among Population s at High-Risk and Underserved, Including Racial and Ethnic Minority Populations and Rural Communities. The 2021 Period of Performance is June 1, 2021 - May 31, 2023. Aimed to reduce disparities caused by COVID-19, this project targets high risk and underserved populations, including racial and ethnic minority populations and rural populations spread across Nevada. A newly established Health Equity Team, which consists of one (1) Health Equity Manager, two (2) Health Equity Coordinators, and one (1) Health Equity Evaluator, oversees the management, administration, evaluation and surveillance of this project. Through multiple partnerships and collaboration, this project aims to improve across the following four strategies:

  1. Expand existing and/or develop new mitigation and prevention resources and services to reduce COVID-19 related disparities among populations at higher risk and that are underserved.
  2. Increase/improve data collection and reporting for populations experiencing a disproportionate burden of COVID-19 infection, severe illness, and death to guide the response to the COVID-19 pandemic.
  3. Build, leverage, and expand infrastructure support for COVID-19 prevention and control among populations that are at higher risk and underserved.
  4. Mobilize partners and collaborators to advance health equity and address social determinants of health as they relate to COVID-19 health disparities among populations at higher risk and that are underserved.

Through these strategies, Nevada’s expected outcomes include improved services to prevent and control COVID-19 infection (or transmission), improved and increased contact tracing, increased community and cross sectoral partnerships, improved data collection, management, analysis, reporting, and expanded workforce and capacity.

Notably, CDPHP has partnered and continues to partner with tribal organizations, faith-based organization, academic institutions, correctional facilities, LGBTQ organizations, and social services providers.
Additionally, funding through the Strategies To Repair Equity and Transform Community Health (STRETCH) Initiative, has been able to hire on a temporary Health Equity Project Manager. This position ensures equitable practices and populations through the partnered organizations are being reached and assists in the creation and development of the CDPHP language access plan. 

The impact of these programs will positively alter health equity in chronic disease.



    Language Access Plan

    In accordance with the Nevada Senate Bill 318, the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) has developed a Language Access Plan (LAP or Plan). The DPBH is committed to ensuring meaningful and equitable access to State services and programs to individuals who are Limited English Proficient (LEP). The DPBH welcomes public comment to help us ensure that our policies are applied consistently within and across the Division. If you would like to provide us feedback or suggestions to the Departmental Language Access Plan, please send an email to by October 4, 2022. Feedback will help us establish better protocols and procedures as we continue to implement the Division Language Access Plan.

    Program Contacts

    Health Equity Manager
    Godwin Nwando

    Health Equity Evaluator
    Oscar Fernandez

    Health Equity and LGBTQ Coordinator
    Esmeralda Chavez

    Health Equity Coordinator
    Journee Baham

    Health Equity Project Manager
    Brittney Rosiles

      Office Location

      4150 Technology Way, Suite 210
      Carson City, NV 89706

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