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RAISE Up Nevada Criteria

Below are the criteria for admission, exclusion and discharge from the RAISE Up Nevada program at Northern Nevada Adult Mental Health Services (NNAMHS).

    Admission criteria

    • Age 18 years and older
    • Has primary diagnosis of schizophrenia spectrum or other psychotic disorder as described in the DSM-V
      • For example: Delusional Disorder, Schizophreniform Disorder, Schizophrenia, Schizoaffective Disorder, Schizotypal Disorder, Unspecified Catatonia, other specified Schizophrenia Spectrum and Other Psychotic Disorder
    • Has experienced psychotic symptoms for 18 months or less
    • If currently receiving mental health treatment, person has been in treatment less than 3 months
    • Is in need of a structured program to promote stability in the community and/or avoid (re)hospitalization
    • Is capable of actively engaging in (group) therapy in a way that is beneficial and therapeutic for them (and other group members)
    • Demonstrates the ability to listen and learn from others and share in a way that is appropriate for an effective group process
    • Is motivated and willing to commit to active engagement in the RAISE Up Nevada program
    • Is willing to commit to maintaining alcohol and drug abstinence while enrolled in RUN

    Exclusion criteria

    • Psychosis is determined to be the result of a medical condition, substance use, or a feature of a primary diagnosis not listed in the inclusion criteria
      • For example: Bipolar Disorder with Psychotic Features, Brief Psychotic Episode, Major Depressive Episode, Severe with Psychosis
    • Has primary diagnosis of substance use/dependence
    • Has a significant medical/physical condition that prevents active engagement in services
      • For example: traumatic brain injury
    • Has significant cognitive delays
    • Is incarcerated or anticipates incarceration for a length of time that would disrupt service delivery
    • Refuses treatment services

    Discharge criteria

    An individual can be discharged from the RUN program if he or she:

    • Has met the goals established by the RUN team and will no longer benefit from participation in this level of care
    • Shows progress during engagement but conditions exist that indicate he or she will not benefit from continued participation in this level of care
    • Has moved to an area not served by the RUN program
    • Decides to discontinue program
    • Has not demonstrated commitment to participation in the RUN program
    • Uses drugs or alcohol