Childrens Mental Health Week 2016

Mental Health Awareness

This page originated as the Division of Public and Behavioral Health's official site for May 2016's Mental Health Awareness Month. For year-round awareness, DPBH staff will continue to update these pages with information and resources about mental health and mental illness.

The thousands of dedicated of employees at the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) would like to encourage all Nevadans to participate in National Mental Health Month. DPBH’s many programs offer education, increase awareness and encourage action 365 days a year by the state’s residents to improve mental health for themselves and their loved ones.

    During May, the national platform of National Mental Health Month supplements these year-round efforts. When organizations, agencies and individuals join together on a common cause, everyone’s efforts are given a giant boost by harnessing the collective powers of advertising, social media and word of mouth. Joint efforts are only successful if everyone pitches in.

      Throughout the month, there will be television and radio public service announcements broadcast in Nevada discussing a variety of mental health issues and conveying a message of acceptance, help and hope. You’ll hear some personal stories from Nevadans who have struggled with mental illness and received support from friends, family and professionals, allowing them to manage their symptoms and lead happy and productive lives. Through the global reach of the Internet, DPBH will participate in National Mental Health Month by publishing various messages to let viewers know they are not alone and that help is close by. This page will be our official portal to share both general and Nevada-specific information and stories about mental health. The page will also include links to social media campaigns and a Twitter feed from the Nevada Psychiatric Association and other advocates for mental health. Everyone is encouraged to view, share, like and engage with this online and social media content about Mental Health Month to help spread the word.

        When sharing information and experiences on social media, please use the hashtags #StigmaFree and #MentalHealthMonth so that others can find you and benefit from the content you are helping to spread. With billions of social media users across the world, the potential to spread this life-changing information is boundless.

          It is vital that every human being become more aware of mental health issues and feel comfortable taking action both for themselves and for others. We all play a role in bettering the lives of the people around us, whether through direct action or through simple acceptance and understanding, so listen to the messages of Mental Health Awareness Month and remember that mental illness is real, and you can make a difference.

            Statewide Awareness Activities

            Community members and clients at DPBH locations throughout the state are getting together to learn about and tear down the stigma surrounding mental illness. Check out what they're up to!

            Personal Stories from Nevadans

            With the help of several brave individuals, the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health and Nevada Broadcasters Association recorded public service announcements to encourage individuals to share their stories and get help with mental illness. Visit this page to read the stories of these Nevadans and hear them in their own voices.

              Mental Health Awareness in the Media

              At this page we'll share news articles that help spread awareness of mental illness and its effect on individuals and society.

              Mental Health Awareness Videos

              The Division of Public and Behavioral Health's committee for Mental Health Awareness Month has gathered together some public service announcement videos to help inform people about the issue. This includes a message from the National Alliance on Mental Illness featuring actress and neuroscientist Mayim Bialik, who plays Dr. Amy Farrah Fowler on the hit show "The Big Bang Theory" and is also known for portraying the title role in the 1990s TV show "Blossom."

              Mental Health Tips