Award Management

Award Management

The award management web page is a centralized location where sub awardees can find information about subaward management for subawards issued by BBHWP. Sub awardees can use this page to view procedures, training, and find frequently asked questions for Requests for Reimbursements.


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    • When will these procedures take effect? 
      • The DHHS GIR has been in place since 2018. Staff are trained to process RFRs with this guidance moving forward. Please reach out to your program and fiscal contacts for further guidance.

      Request for Applications (RFA) for FFY24 Substance Use Prevention, Treatment, and Recovery Services

      This Request for Applications (RFA) is intended to solicit applications from public, non-profit and coalitions for the Substance Use Prevention Treatment & Recovery Services (SUPTRS) and authorized by section 1921 of Title XIX, Part B, Subpart II and III of the Public Health Service (PHS) Act (PDF | 253 KB) and The Tobacco Regulations for Substance Abuse Prevention and Treatment Block Grant; Final Rule, 61 Federal Register 1492 (PDF |259 KB).  Behavioral Health grants reflect Nevada's health care system's strong emphasis on coordinated and integrated care along with the need to improve services for persons in crisis or with behavioral health disorders.  These funds will provide Nevada the opportunity to focus on the specific needs of our State to address gaps in the behavioral health delivery system and crisis services focusing on prevention, treatment, and recovery services.

      Please see the applicable forms and documents below. These documents are included as Appendices in the RFA but are also provided here to be downloaded and completed.



        • April 27, 2023 1pm-3pm
        Click here to join the meeting (virtual/Teams)
        Webinar phone numbers: 1-775-321-6111
        Phone Conference ID: 948 147 276#
        Webinar ID: 283 277 933 498
        Passcode: kxoRX5 
        • April 28, 2023 11am-1pm
        Click here to join the meeting (virtual/Teams)
        Webinar phone numbers: 1-775-321-6111
        Phone Conference ID: 637 526 099#
        Webinar ID: 224 793 803 292
        Passcode: PyFiDn
        Deadline for submission of written questions 04/28/2023 at 5:00pm. 
        Deadline for responses to written questions 05/5/2023 at 5:00pm.

        EVALUATION Period: May 31, 2023, through June 28, 2023