Environmental Health Section (EHS)

Environmental Health Section (EHS) is led by Teresa Hayes, who serves as the Program Manager. The Environmental Health Section is responsible for safeguarding life and promoting the human health of Nevada residents and visitors by preventing avoidable death and disease. From our proactive stance, we utilize the following public health protection tools: education, frequent inspections and enforcement action, when necessary. EHS establishes reasonable standards, issues permits, and operates in the following facility types: food establishments, drug and cosmetic manufacturers, invasive body decorations (tattoo and piercings), dietary supplement manufacturers, public bathing places, county jails, state honor camps and juvenile detention centers, public, private and charter schools, camping and recreational vehicle parks, private on-site sewage systems and septic tank pumping contractors. EHS staff respond to emergencies impacting public health such as food truck wrecks, floods, sewage discharge, fires, and foodborne illness outbreaks.