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What is the problem with those two CannaVative products?

TO: All patients who purchased Sage N Sour Live, lot#1588828195779887 and Black Cherry Soda Live, Lot#3092899899644166 products produced by The CannaVative Extracts, LLC

RE: Bisabolol terpene

The advertised content values for Bisabolol terpene were inaccurate on the labels. The laboratory testing results were found to be in error and the above listed products do not contain the levels of Bisabolol reported on the labels. The products contain a package insert stating that Bisabolol inhibits cancer cell growth and fights leukemia; this statement is not approved by the FDA.

FDA disclaimer states, “These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.”

Patients who have the above mentioned products in their possession may return them to the dispensary in which the purchase was made.

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    Notice of Public Hearing: Proposed Regulation Changes

    NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, that the Administrator of the Division of Public and Behavioral Health will hold a public hearing to consider amendments to Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 453A. The hearing will be conducted on site in Carson City and videoconference in Las Vegas beginning at 9:00AM on August 29, 2016. See Notice of Public Hearing for details.

    Technical Bulletin: Nonresident Medical Marijuana Sales Guidance

    The following states have medical marijuana programs and issue medical marijuana cards:


    The Medical Marijuana dispensaries of the State of Nevada are authorized to sell medical marijuana to card holders from the states above if the patient presents a State or local government-issued medical marijuana card.

      Which Dispensaries are Open? Updated October 13, 2016

      What is "significant progress"?


      The Division is aware of the business 420 Tours Las Vegas (, and similar tour businesses operating in Nevada that provide a doctor’s recommendation for medical marijuana and transportation to a dispensary. The 420 Tours website incorrectly implies that the recommendation and ID are the only requirement needed to legally purchase medical marijuana.

      The patient must possess a valid medical marijuana card issued by a State or County and a matching government issued identification card to purchase medical marijuana from a dispensary. Please note that any dispensary discovered selling medical marijuana to individuals using such tour business who do not comply with Nevada law could be subject to the revocation of their registration certificate.

      Please access the policy, Procedures for Selling Medical Marijuana to Nonresident Patients, and the associated FAQs from the right side of this page.

        Notice of Public Workshop: Proposed Regulation Changes

        NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN, the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health will hold a public workshop to consider amendments to Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) 453A. The workshop will be conducted on site in Carson City and videoconference in Las Vegas beginning at 1:30PM on February 4, 2016. See agenda for details.

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        The Medical Marijuana Establishment Program functions under the authority of Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) Chapter 453A, the Medical Use of Marijuana. The Program certifies, inspects, audits, coordinates and educates hundreds of state-certified medical marijuana establishments in Nevada: dispensaries, cultivation facilities, production facilities and independent testing laboratories.

          Medical Marijuana Proposed Regulation Changes

          Medical Marijuana Establishments with Final Certificates as of October 13, 2016

          Clark County: 8 laboratories; 44 cultivation facilities; 24 production facilities; 39 dispensaries

          Nye County: 4 cultivation facilities; 1 dispensary ; 1 production facility

          Washoe County: 2 laboratories; 13 cultivation facilities; 8 production facilities; 8 dispensaries

          Carson City: 2 cultivation facilities; 1 dispensary; 1 production facility

          Churchill County: 1 dispensary (final inspection pending)

            Establishment Application Filing Period is Closed

            For 10 days during August, 2014, the Division accepted 519 applications for medical marijuana establishments.  In November, 2014, 372 provisional certificates were issued.  Starting in early 2015 and continuing into 2016, these establishments will open for business.  It is unknown if or when the next filing period will take place.

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            Provisional Certificates Awarded in November, 2014: Scores and Rankings

            Medical Marijuana Program Timeline

            November, 2000: 65% of Nevada voters approve ballot question 9 to allow the use of medical marijuana in Nevada. Nevada becomes a home cultivation state with a patient registry, to be outlined in NRS 453A, the Medical Use of Marijuana.

            October, 2001: Question 9 effective date.

            June, 2013: Senate Bill 374 signed by Governor Brian Sandoval to provide for medical marijuana establishments including cultivation, production, dispensaries and laboratories. NRS 453A is modified to include medical marijuana establishment regulation.

            August 5-18, 2014: Ten-day filing period for medical marijuana establishment applications: 519 were submitted. The Division began the 90-day application scoring and ranking process.

            November 3, 2014: Applicants for medical marijuana establishments were notified. A total of 372 provisional certificates were granted: 182 for cultivation; 118 for production; 55 for dispensaries; 17 for independent testing laboratories.

            March, 2015: The first medical marijuana establishments receive final certification and open for business. They are a cultivator and a laboratory, both located in northern Nevada. 

            August, 2015.  The first medical marijuana dispensary opens for business in Nevada. It is located in Sparks.


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