Nevada Health Alert Network (NVHAN)

General Information

The state of Nevada, Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH), Public Health Preparedness Program (PHP), administers the Nevada Health Alert Network (NVHAN). NVHAN is composed of three systems: HAvBED (Hospital Available Beds for Emergencies and Disasters); NXT Communicator; and the Wireless Priority Service (WPS) and Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS). NVHAN is a viable, statewide, bed tracking, availability and alerting system in place throughout Nevada. NVHAN is a digital, high-speed notification system used to rapidly contact hospitals and healthcare facilities; or thousands of staff with extreme speed and accuracy.


    HAvBED is a robust, reliable, and interactive system with worldwide access via the internet. HAvBED is a “closed-system,” requiring User/Password entry before access is permitted. The system is intended for healthcare professionals, first responders, law enforcement, and critical infrastructure agencies such as energy, water, communications, etc. This system allows us to transmit confidential information not intended for public dissemination during a public health emergency. The system also contains a large library feature for Users to access vital PHP documents, information, plans and resources to include Nevada’s Public Information and Communications Plan. The system is dual-redundant with east and west coast backup servers. HAvBED is a vital component of the Nevada Health Alert Network for immediate transmission of critical health information during a catastrophic event in our state and the western region of the United States. Nevada established strong partnerships with our neighboring states and now shares bed tracking and critical health information with California, Colorado, Idaho, Arizona, New Mexico, and Oregon.

      NXT Communicator

      NXT Communicator, the second component of NVHAN, is a digital-system designed to rapidly contact large groups of key individuals within the state during an emergent event. The system will contact via email, voice (via cell or home phone), text, or facsimile. With 24-digital lines, we have the ability to contact hundreds or thousands of staff extremely fast during an emergent event. The system also allows senior leadership to access contact information from any internet location via a secure network. The system is very reliable and produces comprehensive reports to validate, verify, and document how fast and effective we are able to alert our staff during an activation of the system.

        Wireless Priority Service (WPS) and Government Emergency Telecommunications Service (GETS)

        WPS/GETS is intended to be used in an emergency or crisis situation when the wireless network (cell phone), or public telephone network become congested due to increased call volumes or damage to network facilities, hindering the ability of national security and emergency preparedness personnel to complete emergency calls. WPS/GETS enables selected leadership to gain priority access via a pre-assigned access code.



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