Emergency Medical System (EMS) - Committees and Hearings

Committee on Emergency Medical Services

The EMS Advisory Committee has the following Committee Member vacancies: 

The following positions will be vacant as of June 20, 2020: 

  • A physician licensed pursuant to NRS 630 or 633 who has experience providing emergency medical services 
  • A registered nurse who has experience providing emergency medical services 
  • A volunteer fireman 
  • An employee of or volunteer with a medical facility located in a rural area that provides emergency medical services  
  • An employee of an operator of a service:  
    •  Provided for the benefit of the employees of an industry who become sick or are injured at the industrial site; and
    • Staffed by employees who are licensed attendants and perform emergency medical services primarily for the industry
The following Ex-Officio Committee Member vacancy: 
  • A physician who is a member of a committee which consists of directors of trauma centers in this state 
If you are interested in applying for the vacancy, please email your resume to Jenna Burton at jburton@health.nv.gov, CC dtwatson@health.nv.gov 

Emergency Medical Services for Children Committee (EMSC)

Public Hearings