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Health Facilities

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    The Bureau of Health Care Quality and Compliance (HCQC) licenses the following health facility types in Nevada. HCQC also investigates complaints against health facilities in Nevada. Click on the name of the facility type to learn more about it and about licensing requirements.

      Health facility types licensed and/or certified by HCQC

      Licensed/certified health facility types in Nevada
      Adult Day Care Alcohol/Drug Abuse Treatment Facilities
      Assisted Living Facilities/
      Residential Facilities for Groups
      Businesses that Provide Referrals to Residential Facilities for Groups
      Community-Based Living Arrangements Community Triage Centers
      Dialysis Centers Domestic Violence Treatment Programs
      Employment Agency to Provide Nonmedical Services Halfway Houses for Recovering Alcohol and Drug Abusers
      Homes for Individual Residential Care Home Health Agencies
      Hospice Agencies  
      Independent Centers for Emergency Medical Care Intermediary Service Organizations
      Intermediate Care Facilities Intermediate Care Facilities for Persons with Intellectual Disabilities
      Hospice Facilities Hospitals
      Medical Detoxification Facilities Methadone Clinics
      Mobile Units Nursing Pools
      Obstetric Centers Outpatient Facilities
      Personal Care Agencies Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities
      Recovery Care Centers - coming soon  
      Refractive Surgery Centers Rural Clinics
      Skilled Nursing Facilities Surgical Centers for Ambulatory Patients
      Transitional Living Facilities for Released Offenders  
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