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A construction or labor camp is a place of employment where workers are provided living or sleeping quarters, cooking or eating facilities, sanitary facilities such as showers, toilets and laundry facilities.

    In or at any construction or labor camp where five or more persons are employed, bunkhouses, tents or other suitable sleeping places must be provided for all the employees.[NRS 444.130]

      Before operating a construction or labor camp, the operator must apply for a permit to operate, submit plans for review by the Health Division (DBPH) and pay the required fees.

        Within a reasonable period after receipt of an application for a permit to operate a labor camp, plans of the labor camp and the required fees, the Health Division (DBPH) shall review the application and plans submitted for accuracy and completeness.

          Upon receipt of an application that it determines to be complete, the Health Division (DBPH) shall conduct an inspection to determine whether the facility complies with all applicable regulations.

            Other Facility Types

            All other facility types such as food establishments or markets are permitted separately from the camp. See the Food Establishment page for more information.


              The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health now has an on-line application system. See the link below to access the new system.

              PLEASE NOTE: For optimal use of the Online Licensing System, we recommend using Internet Explorer 9-11, Safari 5.0 and Firefox 26-40. Please do NOT use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

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