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Training Policy

Policy states that all new users who will add or modify data in Nevada WebIZ must attend a training session before they will be given a username and password to log in. For individuals that only need access to view data (such as a child care facility, or those that report data via HL7 electronic interface), a special User Confidentiality Agreement is available from the Helpdesk. Read on for information on training opportunities.

    Training Opportunities

    Nevada WebIZ offers training sessions in locations around the state. All Nevada WebIZ Training sessions are offered at no cost.

      Continuing education units are available for Nevada-licensed nurses and pharmacists and other child care providers, as well as to medical assistants that attend Nevada WebIZ trainings! Contact our trainers for more details.

        Nevada WebIZ training sessions teach basic navigation, how to find and manage patient records and how to record vaccinations, including capturing vaccine lot details.

          Click below to view training opportunities in your region. If you are unsure which region you are in, click here to download the Regional Training Map.

            You can now register for Nevada WebIZ training classes online. Simply click on the link below following the class you would like to attend, you can now register yourself and your staff quickly, easily, and confidentially.

              Northern Nevada

              Southern Nevada

              Nevada WebIZ User Guides

              The following guides and manuals are available for download to serve as basic reference materials after attending a Nevada WebIZ training session:

                The “Nevada WebIZ Common Features, Viewing & Reporting” manual is a must-read for all Nevada WebIZ users! This manual includes how to log in, search, system behaviors and more.

                  The “Nevada WebIZ Immunization Data Entry & Patient Management” manual is designed for all Nevada WebIZ Data Entry users. Find information about setting defaults to make data entry fast and easy, adding and administering vaccines, demographics, local IDs, programs, notes, allergies/risks, events and more.

                    The “Nevada WebIZ Reports Guide” describes the various reports available in Nevada WebIZ and how to use them.

                      The “Nevada WebIZ Reminder/Recall Guide” explains how to edit your Patient Roster and how to create a reminder/recall to bring patients due or overdue for immunizations into the office.

                        Click below to download any of these guides and manuals. If you do not know which guide you need, please contact our Help Desk at (775) 684-5954.

                        Other Training Opportunities