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The Environmental Health Section (EHS) is responsible for safeguarding the health of Nevada residents and visitors by preventing avoidable death and disease.

    The Food Program is a progressive team dedicated to promoting safe practices in retail and manufactured settings to minimize the incidence of foodborne illness. We work in partnership with the food service industry, local and federal agencies. In close collaboration with these partners, our program focuses on activities to: use education, frequent inspection and enforcement action when necessary to reduce the incidence of foodborne illness for food service employees and consumers and quickly respond to foodborne illness outbreaks and food-related emergencies.

      EHS establishes reasonable standards, issues permits, and operates in the following facility types: retail and manufactured food establishments, dietary supplement manufacturers, catering, mobile food vehicles, bed and breakfasts, farmers markets, vending machines with potentially hazardous food and in kitchens within: schools, labor camps, and County Jails and State Honor Camps.

        The Nevada Administrative Code, Chapter 446 requires that all food establishments obtain a valid operating permit from the Health Authority. A new application must be submitted to DPBH when:

        • Opening a new food establishment; or
        • Remodeling an existing food establishment; or
        • A food establishment is sold to a new operator.

        Catering Facility

        Mobile Food Vehicles

        Meat Processing

        As of August 18, 2015 - The Nevada Department of Agriculture became the Regulatory Authority for meat processing, custom slaughter, wholesale meat processing and/or distributing and poultry processing. Retail meat counters are not included in this group. Please contact the Animal Industry Permit Desk at the Nevada Department of Agriculture for inquires and questions. Phone: (775) 353-3718.

          Facility Types Permitted in Other Counties

          The Division of Public and Behavioral Health Environmental Health Section permits these facility types within the County listed below.

          • Carson City Health & Human Services (Carson City and Douglas County)
            • Bottled Water Distributors
            • Shellfish Distributors
          • Washoe County District Health Department
            • Bottled Water Distributors
            • Campuses of Higher Learning
            • Shellfish Distributors
            • Supplement Manufacturing
          • Southern Nevada Health District (Clark County)
            • Bottled Water Distributors
            • Shellfish Distributors


          The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health now has an on-line application system. See the link below to access the new system.

          PLEASE NOTE: For optimal use of the Online Licensing System, we recommend using Internet Explorer 9-11, Safari 5.0 and Firefox 26-40. Please DO NOT use Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge.

            This system may not be compatible with phones and tablets, for best results use a desktop or laptop computer.

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