Women, Infants and Children (WIC) Contacts

State Staff

Andrea Rivers

Health Program Manager II - WIC Program Manager

Blanca Ayala

Health Program Specialist II - Operations Coordinator

Cindy Cohen

Health Program Specialist II - Nutrition Coordinator
(775) 684-4252

Michelle Dullanty

Management Analyst III - Fiscal Coordinator

Sandi Torres

Management Analyst II

Kirsten Hevener

Business Process Analyst II

Jacquelyn Bonde

Health Program Specialist I - WIC Breastfeeding Coordinator
(775) 684-3473

Marisa Cook

Health Program Specialist 1 – Vendor Coordinator

Madison Carini

Health and Human Services Professional Trainee – Program Integrity Coordinator

Adrienne De Lucchi

Health Program Specialist I - Nutrition Education Specialist

Lara Evans

Health Program Specialist I - Training Coordinator
(775) 684-4282

David Ramirez-Silva

Health Program Specialist I

Susie DeVere

Program Officer I
(775) 684-3464

Gina Gimenez

Program Officer I

Cathy Wright

Administrative Assistant III


Administrative Assistant III
(775) 684-3463

Joyce Ebel

Administrative Assistant II
(775) 684-4249

David Sorensen

Administrative Assistant I