Oral Health Program


The mission of the Nevada Oral Health Program is to protect, promote, and improve the oral health of the people of Nevada.

The Oral Health Program and its partners collaborate to promote optimal oral health for Nevadans across the lifespan. Current and proposed oral health related activities include:  

  1. identifying and supporting opportunities for inter-discipline oral health education;
  2. establish sustainable oral health initiatives focusing on pregnant women, infants and young children;
  3. ensure access and utilization of dental services for Medicaid and Nevada Check-up eligible children; 
  4. increasing availability of provider, patient and family education on preventing oral diseases, as well as access to oral health services for Nevadans living with disabilities;
  5. ensuring oral health is integrated into chronic disease prevention, education and disease self-management programs;
  6. improving quality, availability and usability of oral health data and surveillance; 
  7. improving oral health for adults, including older adults; 
  8. leveraging in-state opportunities for infrastructure and policy improvement and development; and
  9. developing sustainable funding infrastructure for the State Oral Health Program and community oral disease prevention programs.



Cavity-Free Nevada Initiative

A collaborative work group to prevent cavities and gum disease in pregnant women, infants and young children.


Fluoridation and Fluorides

  • Community Water Fluoridation 
  • Fluoride Varnish  
  • Fluoride Supplements     

Oral Health and EPSDT

This section of the website talks about the dental and oral health services available for children enrolled in Nevada Medicaid and/or Nevada Check-Up.  In addition, topics on collaboration between the State Oral Health Programs and State Medicaid-CHIP Oral Health Programs are shared. 


Oral Health and Systemic Health

The Healthy Mouth and Healthy Body Connection 


Special Populations and Oral Health

Children and Youth with Special Health Care Needs, Seniors, etc.   





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