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Tuberculosis (TB) Prevention, Control and Elimination Program

General Information

The Tuberculosis Prevention, Control and Elimination Program aims to reduce the incidence of Tuberculosis by aggressively managing newly diagnosed cases and offering extensive preventive treatment to high-risk populations infected with Tuberculosis, as defined by NRS 441.A.370. Additionally, the Tuberculosis Program is responsible for managing Nevada’s Tuberculosis surveillance and genotyping data systems, as well as by providing leadership at the local, state and federal levels to control Tuberculosis in Nevada's diverse communities and institutions. 

    Primary Functions of the Tuberculosis Prevention, Control and Elimination Program

    • Identify every active Tuberculosis case in Nevada and provide treatment as well as perform prevention activities by conducting contact investigations using effective testing and surveillance methods;
    • Identify all Latent Tuberculosis Infection (LTBI) cases in children under the age of five in Nevada, treat and find the source-case, when appropriate; 
    • Develop policy for Tuberculosis control and prevention activities based on the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) and promote adherence to those policies by providing information or recommendations to Nevada's healthcare facilities, public health districts, quality and compliance agencies and the general public using guidance from the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) as well as other national tuberculosis training and educational centers; 
    • Collect, analyze and disseminate Tuberculosis data to be used to target the delivery of prevention, care, and treatment;
    • Develop, manage and distribute resources and conduct training opportunities to support Tuberculosis control and prevention activities at the local level; and
    • Foster collaboration and coordination among public and private healthcare and correctional facilities state-wide by providing Tuberculosis outreach, awareness and education activities



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