FAQs: Individual Sewage Disposal Systems

General Questions

What do I need to do to install a Septic System?

Visit the Nevada Administrative Code (NAC) Chapter 444 to obtain regulation information regarding Individual Sewage Disposal Systems in Nevada. Complete the Permit to Operate and Supplemental Septic Permit Application. A plan review is required for all new systems and repairs.

Do I need to have my system designed by an engineer?

For standard septic tanks and absorption systems (Absorption Trenches and Chambered Systems) an engineer is not required. However, for all alternative treatment systems (Aerobic and Nitrogen Removal Units, Elevated Mound Systems, Stepped Network of Trenches for sloping terrains, exc.) an engineer is required to design the system.

Can I utilize the graywater from my home for irrigation purposes?

Yes, NAC 444.837 allows for graywater to be used for underground irrigation only. The use of graywater for underground irrigation requires a permit to construct, alter, or install a graywater system. Please go through the above regulation in detail for specific requirements for systems that utilize graywater for underground irrigation.

How should I maintain my septic system?

The contents of the septic tank should be pumped every two to three years or when the total depth of sludge and scum exceeds one-third of the liquid depth of the tank. If the tank is not cleaned periodically, the solids are carried into the absorption field; rapid clogging occurs; premature failure follows; and finally, the absorption field must be replaced. Pumping your septic tank is less expensive than replacing your absorption field.