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    What is an Immunization Information System?

    Immunization Information Systems (IIS), also known as immunization registries, are confidential, population-based, computerized information systems that collect vaccination data about children within a geographic area. IIS contain vaccination histories and provide immediate access to a child’s current immunization status to authorized users. As a secure site of single record storage, IIS provide official immunization records to meet school and day care requirements and supply healthcare providers with centralized data to improve the effectiveness and the efficiency of immunization administration.

      What is Nevada WebIZ?

      Nevada WebIZ is a web-based Immunization Information System (IIS) used in the State of Nevada. Nevada WebIZ allows access for both private and public providers with minimal hardware/software requirements. Nevada WebIZ currently contains over 3.6 million records, which include over 37 million vaccinations. At present, over 1,500 public and private organizations in over 2,700 locations, including medical practices, hospitals, health districts, community health nurses and school districts, have access to view, add, and/or update immunization data for Nevada's communities.

        What are the benefits of using an Immunization Information System?

        Immunization Information Systems (IIS) improve the quality of health care for children by providing critical tools to ensure that all children receive the required immunizations at the right time. By using an IIS, private healthcare providers, hospitals, schools and local public health entities can identify those children who are at risk, in the event of a disease outbreak or other emergencies such as hurricanes, earthquakes or floods. IIS are also used by public health authorities in locating communities with low coverage rates and then targeting interventions in those specific areas. The result is that more children are protected from debilitating or potentially fatal diseases, and they are protected at a lower cost through targeting funds to areas where funds are most needed.

          In addition to the qualitative improvements in healthcare, the efficiency of immunization administration and treatment is improved for stakeholders (healthcare providers, health plans and government agencies) and total costs for administration and treatment are reduced. IIS reduce the time needed to locate current information that facilitates timely and correct immunizations. Healthcare providers are able to use that information to take advantage of patient encounters and to conduct outreach to patients in conjunction with other patient needs. In addition, costs are reduced by ensuring that each child will get only the vaccines needed (the rate of duplicate vaccines is reduced). Many IIS also provide appointment reminder notes and integrate immunization services with other critical health functions such as lead screening, vision screening, etc., thereby improving the utilization of scarce and expensive healthcare resources.

            How can I stay informed on the latest Nevada WebIZ developments?

            Nevada WebIZ proudly distributed its first quarterly newsletter in August 2008. The purpose of the newsletter is to provide updates on any changes in policies or procedures at the state level, highlight community Nevada WebIZ users, introduce valuable Nevada WebIZ lessons, and ultimately create a forum for registry users. To be added (or removed) from our distribution list, please email Victor Lamas at the Nevada WebIZ Help Desk izit@health.nv.gov.

              Public Access Portal

              Nevada WebIZ has a new tool for getting Official Immunization Records: The Public Access Portal! Please click on the community tab on the right to learn more!

                Did you know it is estimated that an average of 200K people are hospitalized due to flu-related complications?



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