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Temporary Food Establishments at Special Events

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    Who needs a permit?

    A Temporary Food Establishment Application shall be submitted by applicants that are sampling, selling, serving or giving away food that requires temperature control and processing to the public.

      Where do I need a permit?

      Temporary Food Establishments at Special Events covers all aspects of special events which operates at a fixed location for a temporary period of time, not to exceed 2 weeks. Some examples include: swap meets, flea markets, craft fairs, farmers markets, trade shows, conventions, consumer shows, community or association picnics, fairs, carnivals, fundraisers or similar transitory gatherings.

        How do I have a safe event?

        How do I submit a permit?

        The Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health now has an on-line application system. See the link below to access the new system.

        Deadlines for submission of application(s)

        • Submit 5 Days Before Event

        Effective August 1, 2016 all Temporary Food applications submitted to the Environmental Health Section are required to be submitted through the online system at least 5 business days prior to the event start date. Please be aware that permits submitted after the 5 business day deadline will not be approved.


          Permit fees paid will not be refunded for failure to obtain final approval or voluntary withdrawal.

            Payments using the on-line system require an e-check or credit card. If unable to use the on-line system, the accepted payment types include: cash, check or money order. Please make payable to the Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH). All permits, annual and temporary submitted on paper, and mailed or hand delivered must be accompanied by payment. DPBH does not accept credit cards over the phone.

              Event Coordinator Application

              DPBH-EHS also permits large events that exceed 10,000 attendees (daily), such as Burning Man and Night in the County and smaller events with only a few vendors. The Environmental Health Section works closely with event promoters throughout the event planning process to ensure that food vendor operations are accommodated and that all garbage and wastewater is disposed of in a sanitary manner. Event Coordinators must complete an application for each event. See the Forms Section for the application.

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                Burning Man - Food

                If you plan to serve food or share food including certain beverages at Burning Man you need a temporary event permit from the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (NDPBH), Environmental Health Section. Our goal is to keep people from getting sick on the playa. We work closely with the Burning Man organization and Bureau of Land Management (BLM) Law Enforcement staff and will request their assistance in closing food operations that have not obtained a valid permit or may cause a public health risk.

                  Burning Man - Potable Water Hauler

                  Any person who is hauling, delivering, vending, providing, or selling potable water to any individual or organized camp other than their own private or individual camp at Burning Man must be permitted by either the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (NDPBH) or the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP).

                  Potable Water Exemptions at Burning Man

                  This policy does not apply to RV providers which provide a fully stocked RV for individual use.

                    Burning Man Application Deadline

                    Applications must be received by August 16, 2017. All applications will be submitted on-line. See "forms" page for link to website.

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                        See "Locations" below to contact your local field office.

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                        See the Winnemucca Office Location.  


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