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    Types of hospice licenses

    Hospice care” means a centrally administered program of palliative services and supportive services provided by an interdisciplinary team directed by a physician. The program includes the provision of physical, psychological, custodial and spiritual care for persons who are terminally ill and their families. The care may be provided in the home, at a residential facility or at a medical facility at any time of the day or night. The term includes the supportive care and services provided to the family after the patient dies.
    Facility for hospice care” means a facility which is operated to provide hospice care.

      State Laws and Regulations

      Licensing and Applications

      To apply for a license to operate a hospice agency, you must complete the following:

      Federal Regulations

      Centers for Medicare/Medicaid Services SOM (State Operations Manual – Federal Regulations/Guidelines)

      Certification Applications

      To apply for CMS certification as a hospice agency, you must provide the following: