Ryan White Part B Care Program

Ryan White Part B Program Staff

Tory Johnson, MMgt
HIV/AIDS Program Manager
Phone: (775) 684-4247 Office Fax: (775) 684-4065 Email: tojohnson@health.nv.gov
Karen Long
Fiscal/Business Prof. Trainee
Phone: (775) 684-4121 Email: klong@health.nv.gov
Trish Telford
Accounting Assistant III
Phone: (775) 684-4131 Email: deads@health.nv.gov
Samantha Penn, MBA
Management Analyst I
Phone: (702) 486-8103 Email: spenn@health.nv.gov 
Grants & Projects Analyst I
Phone: (775) 684-____
M. Thomas Blissett
Health Program Specialist I
Phone: (775) 684-4025 Email: michaelblissett@health.nv.gov
William "Bill" Rochel'eau
Program Officer I
Phone: (702) 486-5924 Email: willgrocheleau@health.nv.gov 
Christopher Towers
Health Resource Analyst I
Phone: (775) 684-5882 Email: ctowers@health.nv.gov
Sarah Almaraz
Health Resource Analyst I
Phone: (775) 684-4044 Email: salamaraz@health.nv.gov
Darla Beers
Administrative Assistant
Phone: (775) 684-5928 Email: dbeers@health.nv.gov
Marques Fuller
Grants & Projects Analyst Trainee
Phone: (775)684-4036 Email:mafuller@health.nv.gov
Susie Deller
Grants & Projects Analyst Trainee
Phone: (775)684-4260 Email: sdeller@health.nv.gov

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