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Recovery-Friendly Training

Training of employees and supervisors is imperative to support recovery for employees and their loved ones. To qualify as a Nevada Recovery Friendly Workplace, the following types of training is mandatory. If your workplace already provides such training, consider applying as an early-adopter through the Application of Interest. For businesses that do not provide recovery-friendly training in house but are interested in becoming a Recovery-Friendly Workplace, training courses have been developed and links are provided below.

    Create an Account to Access Training

    Follow the steps below to access Recovery-Friendly Workplace training.

    • Create an account with CASAT
    • Once the account is created you should be able to register for the online course. If you have difficulty finding the course on the CASAT site, search for the course shown below:
    • CASAT training screen shotOnce you are registered for the course, you will receive an email from CASAT with a link to the video of the course.
    • Watch the video and then take the exam to receive course credit.

    Signs and Symptoms of Substance Use, Gambling and Mental Health Issues

    Provide participants with an understanding of issues related to substance use, gambling and mental illness. Emphasis should be on identifying signs and symptoms of substance use, problematic substance use, gambling and mental illness and how these symptoms can interact with one another. Additionally, strategies should be discussed regarding how to effectively engage an employee to seek help when these issues are negatively impacting work performance.

    How to Write a Recovery Friendly Workplace Policy and Implementation of Criteria that supports a Recovery Friendly Workplace

    This presentation will provide guidance and examples for writing policies that support a Recovery-Friendly Workplace. Policies will be reviewed and strategies shared to support and encourage employees to seek help and maintain employment. This training will also address gambling and mental health issues and strategies that support employees to get the best care possible.

    Prescription Medication and Safety

    Prescription Medication misuse is a national and local epidemic that has devastated individuals, families, friends and co-workers. This training should provide participants information regarding the problem in the State of Nevada, what we can do as family, friends, supervisors and co-workers to educate and engage individuals struggling with misuse to get help. Simple and straight forward approaches will be discussed on how to decrease risk in our homes, workplace and community.

    Stress Management and Wellness

    Stress in the workplace and in the home can significantly impact an individual’s sense of well-being and negatively impact productivity. This training should provide participants with an understanding on how to identify and monitor when stress is impacting a person’s well-being and productivity at home and at work. Additionally, this training should assist participants in developing a wellness plan that considers stress management skills, sleep, diet and exercise.

    Trauma, Interpersonal Violence and Workplace Violence

    Trauma, interpersonal violence and workplace violence are concerns for everyone. We work alongside co-workers and friends that are struggling with these issues. This training should provide participants with an understanding of signs and symptoms related to violence and how to engage co-workers and friends on getting help. Additionally, this training should discuss strategies on how to manage potentially dangerous situations we may encounter in the home or at work.