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Recovery-Friendly Designation Application

What Your Business Needs to Apply

In order to become a Recovery-Friendly Workplace in Nevada, the following steps should occur:

  • Complete required trainings
  • Adopt policies
  • Submit an Application of Interest
  • Receive a review and technical assistance
  • Review of application by the Recovery-Friendly Workplace Advisory Committee
  • Review of Advisory Committee recommendation by the Governor's Office
  • Receive final certificate from the Governor's Office

Recovery-Friendly Workplace Advisory Committee

As of July 1, 2018, the members of the Nevada Recovery-Friendly Workplace Advisory Committee are:

  • Kendra Furlong
  • Kyle Devine
  • Stephanie Woodard
  • Deborah Hassett

To successfully implement and support businesses to develop programs and policies to support wellness, DHHS is looking for a small business (fewer than 50 employees) and a large businesses representative to serve on the Recovery-Friendly Workplace Advisory Committee. Anyone interested in serving on the committee should fill out a Recovery-Friendly Workplace Advisory Committee membership application.

    Fill out the Form

    When you have completed the training and adopted policies, fill out the application linked below.