Rural Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board

Board Members

Brooke O'Byrne
Director of Court Services
Bryce Shields
Pershing County District Attorney
Lois Erquiaga
Licensed Clinical Social Worker
Elaine Zimmerman
Lincoln County Social Services
Jason Bleak
CEO, Battle Mountain General Hospital
Matt Walker
CEO, William B. Ririe Hospital
Amy Adams
Certified Drug and Alcohol Counselor
Dr. David Byun
White Pine County Health Officer
Dr. Erica Ryst
Psychiatrist - Adult, Child and Adolescent
Fergus Laughridge
Board Chair/Humbolt General EMS Rescue Captain
Jeri Sanders
Eureka County Sheriff's Office
Senator Pete Goicoechea
Legislator, Nevada State District 19 Senator
Valerie Cauhape
Regional Behavioral Health Coordinator, Rural Nevada