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Cultural Competency Training for Health Facilities

Ensuring a culturally competent health care system in Nevada with facilities that provide diverse and linguistically appropriate services to all patients can reduce health disparities. Doctors, nurses and other facility staff who have effective interpersonal and working relationships that supersede cultural differences are essential to successful health care outcomes for patients and residents. Logo for State of Nevada campaign for safe and welcoming health facilities for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer individuals

Evidence shows that cultural competency training improves knowledge of health care staff, raises attitudes of the client population and, ultimately, accelerates patient satisfaction through acceptance from their providers and environment. There are suggestions that a culturally competent healthcare facility also leads to more patients following medical orders and care as primary health care and behavioral comfort are inextricably connected. 

    Approved Third-Party Cultural Competency Courses

    Nevada Administrative Code requires all licensed health care facilities to provide cultural competency training annually, and at time of hire, for all staff. A facility can use one of the following courses which are approved cultural competency training programs for Nevada health facilities as required under Nevada Revised Statutes Ch. 449.103. The Nevada Department of Health and Human Services does not endorse any specific course over another; they are provided as an option for facilities that do not want to develop their own training program.

    Cultural competency training submission instructions

    A licensed Nevada health facility can choose to use an approved third-party cultural competency training or develop and submit for approval its own cultural competency training to be provided annually, and at time of hire, for all staff. The intention of the training is to:

    1. More effectively treat patients or care for residents, as applicable; and
    2. Better understand patients or residents who have different cultural backgrounds, including, without limitation, patients or residents who fall within one or more of the categories in paragraphs (a) to (f), inclusive, of subsection 1 of NRS 449.103.

    Each facility must provide a training course or program approved by the Bureau of Heath Care Quality and Compliance (HCQC), which is the designee of the director of the Nevada Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS). The process to submit a training course or program begins with the completion of a Cultural Competency Submittal Form, available for download at the end of this section. Initial course material must be identified and submitted for approval to HCQC within 90 days from Nov. 11, 2020. The form has three parts (in tabs within the spreadsheet):

    1. Facility Contact Information, Instructor Information, Third Party Information (if applicable). Complete the information for your facility and identify the instructor to be used. If the course or program is from a third party, fill out the appropriate information.
    2. Required Course Elements. This will be used by HCQC to track the content of the course or program material in meeting the subject requirements as detailed in regulation. It can also be used by those creating courses or programs to help identify that course material is identified and from a qualified source.
    3. Third Party Information. This section is for third party organizations that are developing courses or programs for approval by HCQC for use as part of educational services for facilities or for universities or other facilities or vendors to submit courses for approval to offer courses the others.

    Send the Cultural Competency Submittal Form, the required material indicated on the form, and a copy of the course or program presentation material, to HCQC will review the course or program information submitted within 60 days after receipt. During this review process, HCQC may have the course or program reviewed by a person who is an expert on cultural competency or a committee of persons who are experts on cultural competency. If the information provided by a health facility meets the requirements set forth in the regulations, the course or program may be approved. If the information provided does not meet the requirements set forth in the regulation, course or program will not be approved.

    Questions regarding the submission process or details about the requirements mandated for inclusion in course or program material may also be submitted to

    Non-discrimination Posting Template

    The template linked below is intended to help facilities comply with the non-discrimination posting as required under Nevada Revised Statutes Ch. 449.101. In lieu of creating their own sign, facilities may download the document (Microsoft Word format), insert their facility name, print and post in the required locations.

    LGBTQ+ resources

    The courses linked below are not approved for Nevada’s cultural competency health facility training requirement, but rather are intended for providers seeking to add to their knowledge of sexual and gender-minority health.