Camping and Recreational Vehicle Parks

Environmental Health Section does NOT inspect Mobile Home Parks, please contact Manufactured Housing Division (775)684-2940


NAC 444.5463  Conformity with requirements; approval for construction; notification of health authority; inspections; permit. (NRS 439.200)

4.  The health authority may inspect camping facilities annually or as often as deemed necessary and prepare a written report on the camp. An official permit will be given only once, and again when the facilities change ownership. A person must possess an unrevoked permit for camping space facilities issued by the health authority in the name of that person before operating sanitation facilities for camping spaces.

[Bd. of Health, Sanitation Facilities for Camping Vehicles Reg. No. 2, eff. 11-21-70]—(NAC A 10-30-97; R195-03, 1-22-2004)—(Substituted in revision for NAC 461A.540)