Burning Man: Food, Water, Septic

The Burning Man 2021 Event has not been announced by the Burning Man organization. We will not be processing any permits at this time. Email announcements will be sent out to previous holders and this page will be updated.

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    • Food Establishments (Temporary Event Permits)
    • Potable Water Haulers
    • Septic Pumping Contractors


    If you plan to serve food or share food, including certain beverages at Burning Man, you will need a temporary event permit from the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH); Environmental Health Section (EHS). Our goal is to keep people from getting sick on the playa. We work closely with the Burning Man Project (BMP), the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) and Law Enforcement staff, cooperatively to protect public health.

      Who must obtain a permit?

      • Any person or camp, wishing to share or serve food will require a permit.
      • Any theme camp or private camp that is serving meals up to 125 or more.

      What is the permit fee?

      • Permit Fee: $50.00 (per location)

      When will I receive my permit?

      The Environmental Health Section has 10 working days to review your application.

      • When you are approve, a Tentative Approval will be emailed to you.

      How do I apply for a Burning Man Food Establishment Permit?

      Applications may be obtained by applying on-line (referred process) or by mail. Applying by mail is more complicated and time consuming. We can guide you through the process if you need help - contact us using the details below. However, if you still have problems applying on-line, you can download the application and apply by mail.

      When and where do I pick up the permit?

      • Permits must be picked up in Center Camp at Playa Info.
      • Permits must be picked up before food service begins
      • Dates and Times
        • Saturday, TBD 2021
        • Sunday, TBD 2021
        • Monday, TBD 2021
        • Tuesday, TBD 2021
        • Wednesday, TBD 2021

      International Participants

      International participants who would like to serve food products at BM2020, should contact the office and ask for a paper application. It is not recommended to attempt to apply on-line.

        Apply by mail

        DPBH, Environmental Health Section
        ATTN: Burning Man 2020
        727 Fairview Drive, Suite D
        Carson City, Nevada 89701
        Phone: 775-687-7533
        email: ehscustomerservice@health.nv.gov


          Any person who is hauling, delivering, vending, providing, or selling potable water to any individual or organized camp other than their own private or individual camp at Burning Man must be permitted by either the Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health (DPBH) or the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection (NDEP).

          • Annual Permit Holders
            • If your firm holds a current annual potable water hauler permit with the Nevada Division of Environmental Protection for a pubic water system, with an annual inspection, no additional permit will be required for participation in the Burning Man Event.
            • You must submit a copy of your current NDEP permit at least 30 days before the event begins
          • Temporary Permits for Burning Man 2020
            • Potable water haulers who do not process an annual permit from NDEP must obtain a permit for each potable water hauling vehicle from DPBH.
            • To apply, fill out the Potable Water Hauler Permit on-line.
            • Potable water haulers must also contact Burning Man's Outside Site Services (OSS) department for further requirements.
            • The fee is $50.00 (per vehicle or tank)
          • Potable Water Vendor Requirements
            • Obtain potable water only from pre-approved public water systems. No private well sources and no springs shall be considered approved public water sources.
            • Use only food/water-grade, safe, clean and properly sanitized equipment and water tanks. Water hauling tanks must only be used for the distribution of potable water and must never have contained, hauled or carried any materials or substances other than water or food. Tanks having previously hauled milk are not allowed.
            • Haulers must have the ability and knowledge to safely fill water tanks at the approved public water system.
            • Label or placard all trucks and potable water tanks as follows:
            • (a) The name and address of the person or other entity responsible for performing the water hauling must appear on both sides of the tank, or on both of the doors of the vehicle, in letters that are completely legible at all times from a distance of 50 feet.
            • (b) The words “domestic water,” “drinking water,” or “potable water” must appear on both sides of the tank in letters that are completely legible at all times.
            • Cleaning and Disinfection Procedures
            • (a) Clean tank with not less than 50 PPM of Chlorine
            • (b) Agitate tank contact time for tank and hoses minimum of 30 minutes
            • (c) Properly dispose of the spent chlorine solution.
            • (d) Do not use solutions containing perfumes and dyes.
            • (e) Use Test strips to determine sanitizer concentration
            • (f) Maintain required logs of fill times and source.
            • Delivery Tank Chlorine Residuals
            • (a) Maintain the residual chlorine level in the water tank at 1-4 ppm or 1-4 mg/l.
            • (b) Maintain required log of delivery locations


          Privately owned RV's are not required to obtain a permit for disposal.

          • Annual Permit Holders
            • Contact the main office in Carson City to ensure your current permit is active
            • Any additional trucks, not currently permitted must be invoiced separately from annual permit.
          • Temporary Permits for Burning Man 2020
            • If your firm is not an annual permit holder you must obtain a temporary permit for the event.

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          Carson City, NV 89701
          Phone: (775) 687-7533
          Fax: (775) 687-7551

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