Rural Clinics Administration

Rural Clinics (RC)

Rural Clinics Administration provides oversight authority for two agencies:

• Rural Clinics (RC) – provides a full array of outpatient behavioral health services for adults and children in 16 clinics in 12 counties across Rural Nevada (see below). Services are provided Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm, not including State holidays. Services assist individuals to achieve self-sufficiency and recovery. Services include (some services may only be available via tele-health technology, not on-site): Case Management, Rehabilitative Mental Health (RMH) services, Peer Support services, Residential Support, Counseling, Medication Clinic, Mobile Crisis Response Team for children, Immediate Mental Health CARE Team for adults, Mental Health Court Forensic Assessment and Triage Team (FASTT), Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST), and Juvenile Justice Assessment and Screening Triage Team (JJASTT). Rural Clinics partners with county governments to ensure service provision for justice-involved individuals.

• Community Health Services (CHS) – ensures the provision of public health nursing in 10 of Nevada’s frontier and rural counties, to promote optimal wellness through the delivery of public health nursing, preventive health care, and health education. CHS provides essential public health and nursing services, including: immunizations, HIV/AIDS services, well-child services, breast and cervical cancer screenings, dental health services and supplies, sexually transmitted disease prevention and treatment, and reproductive health/family planning services for both men and women. Nursing personnel in CHS support behavioral health services provided by Rural Clinics. These services are provided in collaboration with county governments.

Services provided by Rural Clinics and Community Health Services will not be denied based on ability to pay, and people will be assessed for their payment responsibility based on a sliding fee scale. Additionally, self-pay, private insurance, Medicaid and Medicare are accepted.

Statutory Authority for Rural Clinics
NRS: Title 39 – Mental Health, including
NRS: Chapter 433 – General Provisions
NRS: Chapter 433A – Admission to Mental Health Facilities or Programs of Community-Based Outpatient Services; Hospitalization
NRS: Chapter 433 B – Additional Provisions Relating to Children
NRS: Chapter 433C – Community Mental Health Programs
NRS: Chapter 435 – Persons with Intellectual Disabilities and Related Conditions
NRS: Title 40 – Public Health and Safety, including
NRS: Chapter 458 - Abuse of Alcohol and Drugs

Statutory Authority for Community Health Services
NRS: Title 40 – Public Health and Safety
NRS: Chapter 439 – Administration of Public Health
NRS: Chapter 441A – Infectious Diseases; Toxic Agents

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