Northern Regional Behavioral Health Policy Board

Board Members

Dave Fogerson
Board Chairman, Deputy Chief of East Fork Fire Department
Assemblywoman Robin Titus
Ali Banister
Chief of Carson City Juvenile Probation
Karen Beckerbauer
Manager of Douglas County Social Services
Edrie LaVoie
Director of Lyon County Human Services
Nicki Aaker
Director of Carson City Health and Human Services
Taylor Radtke
Executive Director of Partnership of Community Resources
Adrienne Sutherland
Clinical Director of Community Chest
Sandie Draper
Family Advocate for Western Nevada NAMI
Sheriff Ken Furlong
Carson City Sheriff
Wanda Nixon
Public Health Officer of Mineral County
Dr. Joseph McEllistrem
Clinical Director of Carson and Douglas County Jails
Kevin Morss
Representative from HPN Managed Care
Jessica Flood
Regional Behavioral Health Coordinator