Behavioral Health and Wellness Council (BHWC)


    • Dr. Joel Dvoskin, Ph.D., ABPP (Forensic) University of Arizona College of Medicine
    • Jackie Glass, Retired Eighth Judicial District Court Judge
    • Romaine Gilliland, Director, Nevada Department of Health and Human Services
    • Richard Whitley, Administrator, Nevada Division of Public and Behavioral Health
    • Marilyn Kirkpatrick, Speaker, Nevada State Assembly
    • Michael Roberson, Minority Leader, Nevada State Senate
    • Pat Hickey, Minority Leader, Nevada State Assembly
    • Debbie Smith, Assistant Majority Leader, Nevada State Senate
    • Katherine Miller, Director, Nevada Department of Veterans Services
    • Dr. Dale Carrison, Chief of Staff, University Medical Center
    • Karla Perez, Regional Vice President, Universal Health Services
    • Richard Steinberg, President/CEO WestCare Foundation
    • Steve Wolfson, District Attorney, Clark County
    • Susan Roske, Chief Public Defender, Clark County
    • Randolph Townsend, Former Nevada State Senator
    • Doug Gillespie, Sheriff, Las Vegas Metropolitan Police
    • Timothy Burch, Director, Clark County Department of Social Services
    • Monte Miller, CEO, KeyState Corporate Management
    • Sue Gaines, President NAMI Nevada Board of Directors
    • Michael Kelley- Babbitt NAMI Nevada, Connections Coordinator
Last Updated: 8/19/2015