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    The Radiation Control Program is the office through which the Division accomplishes the statutory mandate for NRS459.

      NRS 457 also requires the Division to develop a program for certification of all mammography Radiation Producing Machine facilities and mammography Radiation Producing Machine operators in the state of Nevada. All Mammography facilities are inspected yearly, and civil penalties may be applied under NAC 457. The Division enforces the federal standards for Mammography as well, via a contract with the FDA. All complaints from consumers are investigated under the NAC 457 regulations. Mammography operations are also covered by NAC 459 as noted for general radiologic safety issues.

        Some of the Mammography related things we do:

        • Provide certificate of authorization for mammography machines and for  qualified operators. 
        • Inspect machines on a yearly basis. 
        • Contract with the FDA for federal inspection on a yearly basis. 
        • Monitor the use of the machines through the inspection process. 
        • Respond to complaints of the public. 
        • Have certified FDA inspectors on staff and provide for continuous training  for them.

          For a listing of Mammographers holding a withdrawn or suspended Certificate of Authorization click here

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