2015 Skilled Nursing Advisory Council - SNAC Meetings

Meeting Location Information

All meetings are held at the addresses below unless otherwise noted:

Northern Nevada Meeting Location: Southern Nevada Meeting Location: 
727 Fairview Drive Ste E
Large Conference Room
Carson City, NV
4220 S. Maryland Parkway
Bldg D Ste 810
Las Vegas, NV

Meeting Agendas, Minutes & Attachments

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2015 Skilled Nursing Advisory Council - SNAC Meetings
2015 SNAC 1st Quarter Meeting
01:00 PM
Q1 SNAC AgendaQ1 SNAC Minutes
2015 SNAC 2nd Quarter Meeting
01:00 PM
Q2 SNAC AgendaQ2-6-2-2015_SNAC_Final_MinutesExhibit AB242NVHCA Staffing ReportNVHCA LTC StatsNVHCD Survey Trend ChartHCA LTC Stats OperationsNVHCA Press Release
2015 SNAC 3rd Quarter Meeting
3:30 PM
Q3_9-1-2015_SNAC_AgendaQ3 9-1-2015 SNAC Meeting Minutes Q3_9-1-2015_SNAC_Attachments
2015 SNAC 4th Quarter Meeting
3:30 PM