Program Activities and Updates

Program Activities and Updates - Current, Ongoing and Completed Projects
Current Projects Onging and Completed Projects

BDR 38-544

Assemblywoman Neal is sponsoring BDR 38-55, “revises provisions governing certain dental care.” The concept paper for this legislation was created by the Oral Health Program. Assemblywoman Neal is working with the Nevada Oral Health Program and the Division of Health Care Financing and Policy to develop legislation to expand Medicaid dental services for adults with diabetes.

Community Water Fluoridation Program:

On a monthly basis community water fluoridation data from daily water samples in Southern Nevada are entered into the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Water Fluoridation Reporting System. This entitles Nevada for consideration of the annual CDC Water Fluoridation Award. Nevada received the CDC Water Fluoridation Award for 2017.

UMC Hospital Emergency Room Redirect Pilot Program for Non-Traumatic Dental Conditions:

A pilot program is being built with University Medical Center, the largest medical centers in Nevada, to use Liberty Dental Plan’s teledentistry software and consultants in efforts to Improve patient outcomes and reduce medical expenditures associated with non-traumatic dental conditions within hospital emergency departments.The purpose of this pilot project is to provide dental consultation and case management for emergency room patients at UMC that present with a non-traumatic dental condition and to prevent unneeded opioid prescriptions and repeat visits to the emergency department for the same condition.

Medical Miles for Rural Smiles(MM4RS):

From April 9th to June 30th, the Nevada Health Program in partnership with the Southern Nevada Health District (SNHD) visited Esmeralda, Nye, and White Pine Counties in a combined effort to provide much needed dental services and immunizations to rural communities in Southern Nevada. The pilot project which spanned three months included 11 clinical sessions. The trip successfully delivered 221 preventive dental sealants, 117 fluoride varnishes, 120 dental screenings, 18 dental cleanings, oral cancer screenings, oral health and nutritional information, Medicaid enrollment paperwork, and oral hygiene supplies. In addition, 102 immunizations (42 Shingrix, 20 Tdap, and 40 other including HPV, Hep A, PCV13, MMR) were provided to 57 clients. Through this pilot project, over $30,000 of donated dental services were provided to patients of all ages in rural Nevada. (Click here for the MM4RS Flyer).

Rural Nevada Expectant Mother Medicaid Dental Access Program:

The Oral Health Program has received funding from the Division of Public and Behavioral Health, Maternal Child Health Block Grant to implement a pilot project to educate OB/GYN physicians on the importance of their patient’s oral health and create a case management system to connect women to a dental practice. The proposed project will take place in dental health professional shortage areas throughout rural Nevada in Esmeralda, Lincoln, Nye, and White Pine Counties.

Southern Nevada Dental Health Clinic:

In 2018, the Nevada State Board of Dental Examiners approved the Oral Health Program’s request to recognize the Southern Nevada Health District as a dental public health clinic. With this designation, the Southern Nevada Health District becomes the only health department in Nevada that is listed as a dental public health clinic. The Southern Nevada Health District used this distinction to hire a dental public health endorsed dental hygienist and build a dental clinic for health department patients. The SNHD Dental Clinic continues to treat dental patients and receives administrative support from the Nevada Oral Health Program.

2019 Basic Screening Survey of Licensed Childcare Centers:

Partnering with the Nevada Department of Education, Office of Early Learning and Development to develop two open mouth basic screening surveys of licensed childcare centers. The first study will compare decay rates in licensed childcare centers in rural Nevada to the findings of the 2017 HS BSS. The second study will compare decay rates in licensed childcare centers in areas of community water fluoridation within Southern Nevada to licensed childcare centers in areas without community water fluoridation within Washoe County. Educational modules will be built and provided to staff and administration of licensed childcare centers throughout the state. An oral health educational presentation will be presented to children within the centers, facilities will receive supplies and support to establish a tooth brushing station and routine, every child within the center will receive oral hygiene supplies, oral health brochures, as well as a local dental resource inventory list, and urgent dental needs will be provided with case management.


2017 Head Start(HS) Basic Screening Survey(BSS):

Designed and distributed an electronic survey to all licensed Nevada dentists and dental hygienists (~3,000) to determine at-risk populations served and identify workforce gaps. Results will be compared to the 2007 dental workforce survey. The Oral Health Program 2017 Dental Workforce Survey closed in July 2018. Survey results are being analyzed and the report will be available on the Oral Health Program website. Partners include: Primary Care Office, Medical Education Council of Nevada, and UNLV SDM Special Care Dental Clinic.

2017 Head Start(HS) Basic Screening Survey(BSS):

Conducted an open mouth basic screening survey of 400 Head Start (HS) children in 16 rural Head Start sites throughout Nevada. HS children received fluoride varnish applications and oral hygiene instructions and supplies while parents received a Community Dental Resource Inventory. Parents of children with urgent dental issues received additional information and a follow-up phone call. Partners include: Nevada Department of Education, Office of Early Learning and Development, Community Health Alliance, and State and Territorial Dental Directors (ASTDD).Oral Health Reports - Basic Screening Surveys  

Oral Health Surveillance System:

Developing a plan to aggregate oral health data and track trends for several population groups and ages, from several different sources (e.g, the Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System, oral health surveys, etc.). Data will be regularly updated and available in user friendly fact sheets and on the Oral Health Program web page.

Oral Health Messaging with Our Partners at the Southern Nevada Health District:

Immunizations and Oral Health for the Halloween Season

National Children's Dental Health Month 2019


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