Las Vegas Office

The Nevada Child Care Licensing Office in Las Vegas handles inspections and complaints for more than 300 facilities in Clark County and part of Nye County.

Latisha Brown
Child Care Licensing Manager
Latisha Brown has been the Child Care Licensing program manager since 2013. She has worked in Child Care Licensing since 2010 but has worked with children since 2003. She has worked as a child care teacher and also as a case manager for a foster family agency working with at-risk youths and their families. Latisha also has worked with Child Protective Services through Clark County, seeing to the best interests of children who are in abusive situations. Seeing to children’s safety is Latisha’s biggest passion. Outside of work, she enjoys camping, reading and the movies.
Edith Farmer
Child Care Licensing Supervisor
Edith Farmer has been a supervisor for Child Care Licensing since September 2015 after working as a child care facility surveyor for a year and a half. Prior to that she worked for the Division of Child and Family Services, assisting children with severe emotional disturbances and investigating allegations of abuse and neglect. Before joining the state Edith worked for two years as a therapeutic case manager with a non-profit agency placing foster children with therapeutic foster families. When she’s not working to ensure the safety and welfare of children, Edith likes to travel, hike and spend time with her family.
Kerra Fuentes
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Kerra Fuentes has been a child care facilities surveyor based in Las Vegas since 2011. She is originally from the San Francisco Bay Area but has called Las Vegas home for 11 years. Kerra has 15 years of experience as a preschool, toddler and infant teacher where she found her love for the babies. She also has been a child nutrition field representative and a program manager for a child care food program, and in Las Vegas she worked as a day treatment specialist and psychosocial rehabilitation worker for children with special needs. Over the years, Kerra has learned that children are like sponges and will take in whatever is given to them, so the more opportunities to enable their minds to learn and grow the more they will absorb. In addition to her love of babies, Kerra loves being outdoors and traveling with her family.
Lisa Torgerson
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Lisa Torgerson has been with Nevada child care licensing since 2012, prior to which she worked for the state with severely emotionally disturbed (SED) children in a day treatment facility and worked as a case manager for SED children and children with physical disabilities. Before working for the state she was a child care facility director here in Nevada. Lisa is originally from Washington State where she owned and directed child care facilities. Her passion is speaking for those who don’t have a voice, specifically children and animals. Outside of work, she enjoys being active, especially in the outdoors and spending time with her dogs.
Silvia Cisneros
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Silvia Cisneros has been a child care facility surveyor since 2014, having previously worked for the Division of Child and Family Services as a psychiatric case worker for six years and as an intake coordinator for two years. Silvia is very passionate about the safety and well-being of children in the facilities she surveys, while outside of work, she is most passionate about spending time with her own 6-year-old daughter.
Yah-Ner Walker
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Yah-Ner Walker has been a surveyor with Child Care Licensing since 2014. Prior to working with Child Care Licensing she taught Pre-K for 15 years, majority of that time was spent working for Head Start. When it comes to child care I am most passionate about ensuring all children regardless of their economic status have access to quality child care and education. As for hobbies I love dancing and spending time with friends and family.
Erika Hovater
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Erika Hovater has been a child care facilities surveyor with the State of Nevada since March 2016. Prior to this she provided services to children and families in the Clark County School District through a school-based grant, and for eight years she worked with families and foster children through a nonprofit organization. Erika believes that all children deserve an opportunity to grow and develop their skills in a safe and positive environment. Outside of work, her hobbies are music, basketball and having fun with her kids.
Stephen Burdon
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Stephen Burdon has been with Child Care Licensing since 2012 as a child care facilities surveyor, and prior to that he worked for Nevada Early Intervention Services for three years as a developmental specialist doing in-home intervention and service coordination for newborns to 3-year-old children with developmental delays. Stephen thinks it’s very important for the children to stay physically active, considering all of the technology that can be around them. He also loves spending time with his wife and three dogs, playing fantasy football, collecting comics and vintage Hot Wheels/Star Wars toys, watching movies, hiking, and going to the Clark County Shooting Complex.
Joshua Lancaster
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Joshua Lancaster began with Nevada Child Care Licensing as an Administrative Assistant in October 2016, but was promoted to Child Care Licensing Surveyor in November 2018. Before this he worked in a child care facility for seven years. Josh enjoys working with children and making sure that they have a safe place in which they can grow and learn. Outside of work, his hobbies include traveling, reading and having fun with friends.

Carson City Office

The Nevada Child Care Licensing Office in Carson City handles inspection, complaint and other duties for the Northern Nevada area and most of the rural areas of the state, including Elko, Humboldt, Lyon and Lander counties.

Lisa Roberts
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Lisa Roberts is an Associate in Social Work and has been a child care surveyor for the State of Nevada since 1988. She also has held various teaching positions in Nevada, California and Texas. Lisa enjoys enjoy viewing classrooms where each child is valued and where teachers create supportive learning environments, carefully plan and facilitate learning through play with specific goals to meet the standards for all domains of the child’s development, and use a variety of teaching strategies. Outside of work, Lisa enjoys spending time with family and friends, taking care of her dogs, reading, bike riding, spending time in Tahoe.
Tammy Hutchinson
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Tammy Hutchinson has been a child care surveyor based in Carson City since 2013 coming off 21 years as a director and pre-kindergarten teacher at a private school. Tammy is most passionate about guidance, assistance, and support for children while ensuring they have a safe, nurturing environment in which to flourish. Early childhood experiences are important to lifelong outcomes, she says, and during the preschool years children develop characteristics that will affect their lifelong love of learning. Outside of work Tammy is a travel, boating, reading and golf enthusiast.
Tiffany Kaplan
Child Care Licensing Surveyor
Tiffany Kaplan has been a child care facilities surveyor based in Carson City since 2013. Prior to her state service, Tiffany worked in several child care centers in Reno as a lead teacher and/or director for six years. This background has taught Tiffany that children learn best through experience and play and the learning environment should allow children to develop at their own pace. When she is not working, Tiffany enjoys hiking, four-wheeling, arts and crafts, and spending time with her family.