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WIC Developmental Monitoring Project

The WIC Developmental Monitoring Program is a "Replication of the Learn the Signs.Act Early. WIC Model"
This program provides tools for WIC staff to assist parents in evaluating the developmental stage their child is in and if there is cause for concern.

1 in 6 children has developmental delays or disabilities. Children from families with low incomes, like those served by WIC, are at even greater risk.

    WIC Staff Can Help

    WIC Staff can help children with suspected developmental delays receive the help they need by promoting parent awareness and making referrals when necessary.

    • Provide parents with an age appropriate milestone checklist
    • Review the completed checklist with parents, and encourage them to share it with their child's healthcare provider.
    • Provide parents a Milestone Moments booklet and encourage them to monitor development between visits.

    WIC staff can refer to the child's healthcare provider and/or early intervention programs, when needed, for formal screening and assessment and support parents in following up on concerns by sharing CDC's tip sheets on "How to Help Your Child" and "How to Talk with the Doctor".